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Ryuutama: Prince Liam by Daikiraikimi
Ryuutama: Prince Liam
Liam is the younger brother of Gabrielle, the Queen of Ivea. He has a somewhat troubling personality, and his sister feels pressure to keep him out of court life for the good of the people. 

At a glance, he seems very gentle and charming-- his hair is soft, and he often wears a warm smile. But his sharp eyes peer out behind his soft expression. In truth, he has a very hard time emphasizing with other people, and growing up in a position of power is accustomed to looking down on others. 

There are a small handful of people he is fond of, and he will casually commit cruelties if he feels they will benefit him or his friends in some way. Luckily, he is not particularly motivated, and rarely has strong feelings on much of anything, so the scope of his disturbances tends to be small. When he faces resistance to some of his actions, he will generally back off immediately because it is too much work. 
Cute Map Icons: Trees by Daikiraikimi
Cute Map Icons: Trees
I started messing around with some cute tree icons so that I could make an isometric map for my group's Ryuutama campaign. So far, I have four different shaped deciduous trees, one with fruit variants, and four different shaped coniferous trees. Eventually, I may add more colors for the deciduous trees (fall colors, for example) and more fruit. 

My end goal was to make a complete set of icons and color swatches to match each different terrain type in Ryuutama. (Grasslands, Wasteland, Woods, Highlands, Rocky Terrain, Deep Forest, Swamp, Mountain, Desert, Jungle, and Alpine.) This includes things like bushes, tumbleweed, cactus, mushrooms, flowers, etc. The trees are already fairly small, though, so I'm not 100% sure about how I'll scale those other items. We'll see what I can whip up!
Ryuutama: Aeth by Daikiraikimi
Ryuutama: Aeth
My character in our gaming group's Ryuutama campaign. Aeth (pronounced Ay-eth) was born in a remote town up in the highlands. Their town has a unique genetic map, which causes many more gender variant children to be born than is typical elsewhere. 

The town, called Phila, is home to the only remaining population of goat-deer, and Aeth is soul-bound to one. Their animal companion is named Cernii. Because Aeth was marked as a special child, they were taken from their biological family and raised in a convent. Their birth took place under an especially powerful auspice and the villagers believed that they had the potential to be an extremely powerful seer. 

However, as they grew it quickly became apparent that they had absolutely no magical aptitude whatsoever. This disappointment cut the townsfolk deeply, as there was no way they could offer Aeth up as an adviser to the royal family. Just a few years from adulthood (20 years in their culture), Aeth packed up their meager belongings and left the town. It was clear that their presence was a burden on the community, and it was better for them to seek belonging elsewhere. 

Despite their lack of magical aptitude, they are a very talented healer. They spent much of their youth exploring the wilderness and learning about various herbs. In addition, they keep with them a Book of Spirits, which has records of various mystical creatures and small gods that live throughout the land, including their history, likes and dislikes, and how to reason with them. Currently, they are traveling with a small caravan, cooking and offering their skills as an apothecary for a small stipend. 

Notes: Black hair and deep green eyes. 5'5" with a small build and thick waist. 
Goat-Deer by Daikiraikimi

This is a goat-deer, which is a creature I invented for our gaming group's recent playthrough of Ryuutama. It only lives in a remote village, and each generation one is born soul-bound to a unique child. These children are almost exclusively born with supernatural abilities, and can see into the future in a limited capacity.

Because of this, they have a close tie to the current royal family, who takes these individuals to serve as court advisers when they come of age. The current rulers were able to take control because of their ties with the seers, and thus the royal crest shows the horns of a goat-deer supporting the crown.

The goat-deer is quite large and strong, but less than ideal for riding because of its sloped back. (Possible, but not comfortable or easy.) Their horns are large and quite unique. The goat-deer is hardy and highly intelligent-- under special circumstances they are able to take on another form, assuming the guise of a human from the waist up. Like a goat, they are browsers with a strong digestive system. In addition, they are extremely sure on their feet and have been known to scale sheer cliff walls. 

  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Tea
In all my years of using deviantart, I never actually knew what the purpose of llama badges were. I figured they're just like... a cute thing? People like llamas? 

I got one today, and decided to try to google them again. Mostly, the answers are "they are a cute thing that people like" but I also found a poll where people were answering the question "why do you give llama badges." That was the first helpful answer I got-- most people said it was for fellow artist appreciation. (The second response was to get a llama badge in return.)

So, I guess you can give out one llama badge per user, and it doesn't take away from your "stash" of llama badges that have been given to you. Some people collect llama badges, or buy accessories for them, and the more you have the more your llama "levels up" I guess?

Anywho, I went back and decided to give llama badges to people who gave me some in the past, since it seems courteous, and will try to return llama badges in the future. I don't think I'll be super into them, but if folks were nice enough to bestow llama upon me then seems legit that I should return the favor. 


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